Chickens: Weekly health guide

Here’s something new for me.

It’s hard to escape the fact that due to their previous treatment, ex-battery hens are prone to health problems.

Quite a few people have asked me what I do to keep an eye on my girls’ health and so I thought I’d talk you through my weekly checks. In my experience, chickens go from pretending they’re OK to being poorly very quickly. But, with some routine care, you can get to know your hens better and hopefully spot any problems earlier.

Warning, disclaimer coming. I’m not a vet – I’m just someone who is very passionate about rescuing these lovely animals. If you’re at all worried about a chicken, please seek veterinary advice.

I hope it helps! (And if not, at least Debs got to star in her very own video, which was on her freedom bucket list).

Rach and the hens x

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. Yes we try to be as vigilant as possible with food. I don’t leave anything out overnight – but put the feeders back in the morning. The girls get a handful of corn/treats in the afternoon, but we always make sure they have enough time to eat it by bedtime. If not, I’d always make the effort to sweep it up. The run is dug into the ground with a skirt, so nothing can get into it at night – so nothing tries to sleep in the coop! We store all of our food in a locked shed, and it’s put in a plastic box with a lid so again nothing can get in. I think it’s really important to be vigilant! Hope that helps, Rach xx


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